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The mass exercises are necessary to achieve lasting results in the form of a splendid muscle. But muscle mass is not always built as quickly as we would like. That's why supplements help you to speed up muscle growth and reduce body fat, thus helping you fulfill your dream of an impressive silhouette.



The man doesn't have to dream about bodybuilding competitions in order to want a carved body with clearly outlined muscles. However, the person who has tried it once knows that building muscle mass is not such a simple matter. And just as in every sport, the speed of appearance of satisfactory results depends on various predispositions, such as age, metabolism, lifestyle, diet quality, etc.

There are currently many preparations on the market that are supposed to increase the rate of this process and at the same time keep testosterone levels at a sufficiently high level. What muscle mass supplements are really good and how to take on the mass relatively quickly but safely?




Somatodrol is a mass supplement that both fixes and accelerates the effects achieved during training at the gym. Sales of testosterone, just as sales of HGH (growth hormone) are prohibited in our country. However, Somatodrol is a tablet for increasing muscle mass, which stimulates the natural production of testosterone and growth hormone. Therefore, Somatodrol cannot be called another supplement for muscle mass or a regular muscle gain product.

Dietary supplement Somatodrol is not a category of anabolic steroids, which in my opinion, as well as many professional bodybuilders, is of high importance. There is also another good news - Somatodrol can also welcome newcomers who are just starting their adventure with mass training.




Somatodrol is a natural agent that has the effect of increasing muscle mass in a safe way. Systematic use of the supplement will allow us to quickly notice satisfactory results, such as

1# Speeding up muscle growth

Including a permanent supplement to the workout routine increases testosterone levels and facilitates muscle growth faster. It is precisely the increased production of testosterone and HGH that causes higher mass to appear naturally. Somatodrol is responsible for intensifying anabolic processes, but it does so safely - stimulating and activating the right substances.

2# Condition Improvement

The use of Somatodrol makes it possible to increase energy efficiency. This means that we are able to carry out more intensive workouts and have a much better endurance. The performance of the formula improves performance and helps to reap even more benefits from physical activity.

3# Force jump

After a few to a dozen days of application of the preparation, an increase in muscle strength and mass can be observed. Naturally, the increased force means that we are able to lift higher weights without overload.

4# Rapid fat loss

Somatodrol is above all the building of fat-free muscle mass. This means that the muscle mass gain is not related to extra pounds of fatty tissue. On the contrary, the supplement helps to get rid of fatty tissue and reveals muscles carved during exercise.

5# Faster muscle regeneration

Each training requires proper regeneration of the muscles. Sometimes it may take one day for the muscles to rest, but it happens that the body shows signs of fatigue even for a few days. Somatodrol helps to regain strength and accelerates physical regeneration.




Somatodrol is a natural stimulation of testosterone production. It contains carefully selected ingredients that have been tested and carefully selected, which is why it ensures 100% safety and no side effects. The composition of the supplement is above all:

Vitamin B12 - helps to process proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the energy needed for training. It also eliminates signs of fatigue and weakness.

Guarana - used in the case of immunodeficiency, as well as in post-workout regeneration. It improves the functioning of the nervous system and increases our concentration.

Arginine is an amino acid that naturally stimulates the production of the growth hormone (HGH)

Beta-Alanina - participates in the regeneration of muscle cells and increases endurance during exercise. Thanks to its action we are able to train longer and with much more intensity.




According to the package leaflet, the manufacturer recommends taking 1-2 tablets per day. The dose should be a personal reflection of the dose

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